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How to paint a room
How to paint a room


stucco crack repair
How to patch cracks in stucco


how to repair termite damage
Wood damage repair


cracked concrete repair
How to patch cracks in patios and driveways


fix sagging fence gate
Fix sagging fence gate




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I'm a handyman

Welcome! My name is Dave; I'm 51 years old, and I've been a handyman doing home repair improvement and house repair work more or less my whole life, although I have been doing it full-time professionally for only the last 11 years or so. I did however work for a general contractor, help maintain and repair my various family members' homes, and mostly restore a house to be sold before that.

Although I will be continuing to upload job stories to this site for along time, it is my belief that just reading this site in total with the current pages that are up will already give you a lot of great general knowledge regarding fixing your house. You can apply this general knowledge over and over in the quest for maintaining your home. In that sense it is like a book.

Over the years I've learned quite a bit about working with many different materials at the same time, which is a big part of knowing how to fix a house effectively. I've also learned a lot of time-saving and efficient tips and tricks that can really make either doing handyman work, or just being a home owner tackling DIY home repair projects, a lot easier. So, read on. I think that what sets this site apart from the rest is the understanding that doing DIY home repair is NOT easy, while most other websites seem to be trying very hard to convince you that it is. In fact, it is very true that the "devil is in the details" when doing many repair projects, especially when trying to do an excellent job that you will be proud of. To this end I've tried to describe some of the projects I've done in much useful and insightful detail to help you get more done and not get discouraged. So please, follow the links above to read on!



Featured tip:

Priming and painting on a ladder




Zen simple grocery list for Android - great for quick home repair lists!


ColorStor for Android - save the paint data for your whole house and throw away your old paint cans!